Curriculum Vitae



Name         Leslie E. Sponsel

Position    Professor Emeritus

Address     Department of Anthropology


                     2424 Maile Way- 321 Saunders Hall

                     Honolulu, Hawai’i 96822-2223 USA


Phone       (808) 956-3770

FAX         (808) 956-4893



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  • Mainland Southeast Asia (Thailand) and Amazon (Venezuela)
  • Spiritual ecology (religions and environment)
  • Buddhist ecology (environmental philosophy, ethics, and
    action, especially in Thailand)
  • Biodiversity studies in relation to cultural diversity, cultural ecology, historical ecology, and
    sacred places (especially sacred caves in Thailand)
  • Anthropological aspects of peace studies and war studies
  • Advocacy anthropology and human rights, professional ethics
  • Yanommalogy (Yanomami Studies)



  • 1965               Indiana University, B.A. in geology
  • 1973               Cornell University, M.A. in anthropology
  • 1974-76         Ad-Honorem Graduate Student in Anthropology at the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Investigations
  • 1981               Cornell University, Ph.D. in anthropology
  • Also summer courses at New YorkUniversityin field primatology (1973), Summer Institute of Linguistics at Universityof Oklahomain field linguistics (1976), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in nutritional anthropology field methods (1986)
  • 2002 Workshop on The Protection of Human Research Subjects for Research Investigations, University of Hawai`i

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