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In February 2013, Bruno Latour gave six Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion in Edinburgh under the title “Facing Gaia, Six Lectures on the Political Theology of Nature.”

* Lecture 1: ‘Once Out of Nature’ – natural religion as a pleonasm

* Lecture 2: A shift in agency – with apologies to David Hume

* Lecture 3: The puzzling face of a secular Gaia

* Lecture 4: The Anthropocene and the destruction of the image of the Globe

* Lecture 5: War of the Worlds: Humans against Earthbound

* Lecture 6: Inside the ‘planetary boundaries’: Gaia’s Estate

Those six lectures in ‘natural religion’ explore what it could mean to live at the epoch of the Anthropocene when what was until now a mere décor for human history is becoming the principal actor. They confront head on the controversial figure of Gaia, that is, the Earth understood not as system but as what has a history, what mobilizes everything in the same geostory. Gaia is not Nature, nor is it a deity. In order to face a secular Gaia, we need to extract ourselves from the amalgam of Religion and Nature. It is a new form of political power that has to be explored through a renewed attempt at political theology composed of those three concepts: demos, theos and nomos. It is only once the multiplicity of people in conflicts for the new geopolitics of the Anthropocene is recognized, that the ‘planetary boundaries’ might be recognized as political delineations and the question of peace addressed. Neither Nature nor Gods bring unity and peace. ‘The people of Gaia’, the Earthbound might be the ‘artisans of peace’.

Watch these lectures on YouTube:

The transcription of the lectures is available at:

For more information, visit Bruno Latour’s website:

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* Buddhism and Ecology, with Chris Ives and Mary Evelyn Tucker

* Christianity and Ecology, with Heather Eaton and Mary Evelyn Tucker

* Confucianism and Ecology, with Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim

* Daoism and Ecology, with James Miller and Mary Evelyn Tucker

* Hinduism and Ecology, with David Haberman and Mary Evelyn Tucker

* Indigenous Traditions and Ecology, with John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker

* Islam and Ecology, with Safei-Eldin Hamed and Mary Evelyn Tucker

* Jainism and Ecology, with Christopher Chapple and Mary Evelyn Tucker

* Judaism and Ecology, with Lawrence Troster and Mary Evelyn Tucker

* Religion, Ethics, and Animals, with Paul Waldau and Mary Evelyn Tucker

To watch these videos, visit:

For more video recordings of lectures on the intersection of religion and ecology, visit:

Tucker, Mary Evelyn, and John Grim. 2009b (January 13). Religion and the New Environmental Ethic (Video, 13 minutes). New Haven, CT: Yale University

Tucker, Mary Evelyn, and John Grim. 2013 (October 17). “The Emerging Alliance of Religion and Ecology,” Lecture at Boston College

To watch the video recording of this lecture, visit:

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IUCN World Conservation Congress, Honolulu, HI, September 5, 2016— “Connections: Spirituality & Conservation” [interfaith speakers and dialog, 142 minutes, but starts at 20 minute interval)



Also see the Video List on the Forum for Religion and Ecology at

Other films can be found on, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Vimeo.

*Recommendations for additional films would be most helpful and much appreciated. Please specify subject as SE Films: