Reviews and Citations


“… the author demonstrates the existence and universality of spiritual ecology and makes an appeal for its cultivation.”
- Kammer, C.L., 2013 (April), CHOICE 50(8):1480.

“This is a valuable and challenging work that deserves wide reading and consideration.”
- Anderson, Eugene N., 2013 (April), Current Anthropology 54(2):245-247.

“In fact, what qualifies as spiritual ecology for Sponsel is quite wide-ranging and encompasses actions, motives, and attitudes… .Whenever spiritual ecology solutions to environmental problems are shown to work, I am fully ready to accept them.”
- Vayda, Andrew P., 2014, “Book Review: Leslie E. Sponsel: Spiritual Ecology, A Quiet Revolution,” Human Ecology 42(2):347–348.
- Sponsel, Leslie E., 2014 (October), “Reply to Vayda’s Review,” Human Ecology 42(5):801-802.
- Vayda, Andrew P., 2014, “Against Spiritual Ecology: Reply to Sponsel’s Comments,” Human Ecology 42(5):803–805.

“This is a wide-ranging and impressively informed book…. The book brings into comparative focus a splendid collection of spiritually inspired persons and movements whose exemplary ideas, convictions, and actions have significant bearing on the field of environmental thought and action…. his is a hopeful book….”
- Crosby, Donald A., 2014, “Book Review: Leslie E. Sponsel: Spiritual Ecology: A Quiet Revolution,” Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture 8(4):511-513.


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